Having peaked in the 1960's, the custom-tailored suit market in Korea has gradually declined due to a surge in ready-to-wear suits since 1980's. Compared with some 10,000 tailor shops in 1960's, only five percent of them continue their business today. Against what appears to be adverse trend for custom-tailored suit industry, Segi has continuously made first-class bespoke suits that can match other imported luxury suits. Segi's bespoke suits remain faithful to the principle of what "a good suit" should be: A well-made, comfortable, and fitting suit made of best materials. While staying above the whim of fashion, Segi Tailor's suits have a timeless, unique, and recognizable look. As it has so far done, Segi Tailor promises to continue making its best effort for high-quality suits, thus contributing the overall development of man's attire culture and industry.

Ilsuk Yoon, Managing Director